Just an ordinary man appreciating every single second here on this beautiful planet.

Camera history timeline:

Nikon F3

Nikon FE2

(Somewhere right about here insert a ton of little inexpensive 35 mm film cameras, various camcorders and then digital cameras)



Olympus 750

Nikon 5100

Sony Hx9v

And today, this moment in time…

Currently awaiting the Lumix FZ80…

I enjoy downgrading as you can see…

Sure I dream of top shelf equipment like Leica and Hasselblad…but isn’t it more fun and challenging to utilize ordinary equipment available to everyone to create awesome shots???

No, not really! But budget depicts everything right? Right!

Hey, seriously, thank you for stopping by. Would think it very very cool if you said hello and where you are from. There’s is nothing more interesting to me than meeting people from all over the world, and since I’m kind of stuck here, virtual travel via you would be great!

Thanks again!

All photos taken on these pages are mine, taken by me. If you want to use one, please ask first. Thanks