Featured Image: Man swimming against the currents in San Fransisco Bay

Above: Sequoia National Park, Towering Redwoods, hundreds of years old, strongest of all the tress on earth, standing tall, facing harsh elements of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Anna winds.

Recently I was listening to the BBC and a show they had about Norway being a special place to live. Within the show they mentioned the name of a recording artist, Ina Wroldsen, and that a lot of people in Norway listen to her music.

Upon awaking the next day, I googled Ina, read about her, and then looked her up on Spotify, and selected the song ‘Strongest’, she recently recorded.

The first thing you’ll notice when listening to this song is the incredibly talented voice of Ina Wroldsen. She is indeed blessed, and it was no wonder to me why most of Norway is listening to her. And as I listened to the words, I found them inspiring, about a woman desperate to keep her family together and determined to do her best to overcome her personal adversity while simultaneously keeping the priorities of her child in the forefront.

Strongest…something that applies to all of us. There are and will always be circumstances when we will need to be the strongest, to find that extra something to keep us moving forward, away from adversity and hopefully on to something better.

Adversity will always be there. It’s how we handle it that makes the difference. You have to be stronger to survive, but know this, you are never alone. Whatever it is you are experiencing, about to experience, someone has been there before you, experience the same thing and survived.

Dig deep, focus, and move forward. You are not alone!

Thank you, Ina Wroldsen for inspiring this post.

If you’ve never heard of Ina, please follow this link to her website. Trust me, it’s worth a listen, and if you like, please share her music.

Have a great day, Folks.




Above: Caterpillars trying their best to survive the birds awaiting overhead to feed.


A flock of crows chasing and harassing a lone hawk. He could win a one-on-one battle if he chose to do so, but he would risk injury, and so he flies on and endures, knowing that sooner or later, the crows will give up and go away.

DSC00294 (2)

Being a leader is not often easy, and for this guy in real life I am certain there were times he was scared to death when facing the more powerful British army back in the days of the American Revolution, but he remained a symbol of strength and prevailed in times of great adversity.


This gentleman had his head hung low, sleeping on the streets, not knowing where his next meal was coming from or when he would eat again, but he prayed, and suddenly some kind words,a hot blueberry fritter, and a bottle of water came his way. He was alright, just having a really bad day, he said. I pray for him often.


Puffed up and sick, this little guy hung in there, was fed, and flew on with the rest of his friends.


Winds gusting, rain falling, these Canadian Geese struggled forward landing safely in a pond to wait out the coming storm.


Me, sitting on my balcony, overlooking the woods, thinking about life, hardships, and hos thankful that I have what I have in my life, along with music, and knowing its not the material things in life that matter, it’s the small things and how we appreciate them all. Music to me…heavenly therapy I appreciate greatly!

DSC_0681 (3)

A lone Osprey, fighting the winds over the Atlantic Ocean, desperately searching for a meal, a routine he repeats daily, only being strong will he survive.

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