Heavenly Fish Tank

Driving south on I-95 in Delaware just before the Christiana Mall exit, we noticed a large flock of birds swarming in the sky as the sun began to sink.

It reminded me of beautiful tropical waters with a school of fish swimming by.

It was cold this night, my daughter graduated college early, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, the world was great that day, and I was very appreciative of everything God has blessed me with in the health and love my family and I appreciate each day here on earth.

Life is not about the material things, trust me, it’s the little things that matter most, like family time, and a large aquarium-looking sky up above!

Have a great day, or a great night, wherever you are on this earth!



  1. Hello Dude
    You registered as a follower to SeeNorway in October 2017. However, since that day we have seen little of your signature on our blog? And now you were suddenly flagged by our new ‘cleaner’ due to ‘low activity’? Checking you out, we notice that you’re still active on the net?
    We’ve overruled the cleaner’s suggestion this time, but next time around we might not register such ‘flagging’ soon enough . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Seennorway, yes I’ve definitely been low activity life just busy around here, planning to get more active on WordPress soon. Thanks for the heads up. Great pictures you posted. Looks like a beautiful place!


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