Big Sur


Somewhere south of Monterrey, I believe it was Sand Dollar Beach, CA, we pulled up to watch surfers and this guy walked up to the car, looked up and begged for handouts. This was shot with a Nikon 5100.

I like this shot for many reasons, mostly because it reminds me of life. Yeah, I get real philosophical most times, but this does remind me of life, people in need, animals in need, chance encounters, being at a specific place at just the right time, it creates life experiences.

As someone who spends a considerable amount of time in search of chance encounters in the hopes of a great pic or an even greater conversation, I really appreciate this shot. Although there was no conversation here, it was indeed a very cool encounter.

Imagine the courage of this animal to hop over to an object that he has no idea what it is or if it can hurt him, it’s making a rumbling noise, it’s very large, and it contains four humans as well…


Brave little man! He earned his snack!

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