Trust Your Gut


I spend a lot of time in the woods near my home. Mostly I walk, sit, think, and watch for wildlife. This particular day I made my way to an area I like to sit, it’s quiet, surrounded by trees, a great place to relax and meditate on life. I felt something was out there but couldn’t see any movement, and yet I still felt as if something was watching me. I placed the camera on its highest zoom setting and concentrated on the area I thought there may be some wildlife hiding, and luckily, I found this guy peering out from behind the branches looking towards my direction.

I took the shot and then two, flew from the area and into the tree where I took the second shot. Beautiful creatures to see in the wild. Sometimes trusting ones gut pays off. Have a great day!


  1. you are what I call a “natural wildlife photographer”.Your 6th sense is aware enough to be able to feel the animals energies around you.Few can do that.
    They can feel us! Through our domestication (over thousands of years) we have lost this sense to a great degree.It’s not required by us anymore so it is on it’s way out.All the animals out there have a very keen 6th sense! We use to but like I said,we have been domesticated & so do not require or use it as much & so it is being diminished.Our evolution as a species is being altered every so slightly but profoundly over the millennia!

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    1. Ah, Thank you for the compliment! Put a big smile on my face. When I was a young boy, I grew up next to a large area of marsh lands which is a National Wildlife Refuge. Everyday, my friends and I would spend countless hours in those wetlands, searching for wildlife, looking for anything, being kids and having a blast. Doing that for so many years may have helped with some stealth searching skills. As my friends grew up and continued in their searching and progressed to hunting, I have chosen to hunt with my camera, getting as up close and personal as possible, in order to share the beauty of what I see out there in their world, with people who may never get the chance to get out there in the mud themselves. I absolutely love it out there, ticks, mud, mosquito’s, all of it, in order to find that one great shot. Thank you very much for your feedback. I appreciate it greatly!


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