DSC01283 (2)The first snow of the season fell yesterday. I walked into the woods out front and headed north on the trail next to the creek. There is nothing like the sound of the snow tapping the leaves of the trees during a snow storm, the forest takes on an entirely different feel. As I stood there taking photos, camera on silent mode, I noticed the movement of a deer passing on a hillside roughly seventy yards away. I stepped around a tree and that quickly he disappeared, which was baffling to me as there wasn’t much cover for him in that area and his brown silhouette stood out against the snow, but I was happy for him just the same as there is deer culling going on in these woods and I hope he survives.

Just afterwards I took this shot, and when I got home, I thought it looked better upside down, no filters, just the snow falling hard and distorting the water slightly. There is nothing like the silence the woods can give. I am lucky to live so close.


  1. you are truly blessed to live near such wondrous woods and your photo is a true work of art.
    and so is this the upside down version? is it a reflection originally?
    also – the deer ran off because he knew you were out there “shooting”
    get it?

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