I awoke very early this morning, grabbed the camera, got into the car, and looked up through the sunroof…it was completely dark.

Question: Quick, what time does the sun rise?

I don’t know! I know now, it’s supposedly like 7:25am here in the northeast of the CONUS, but it was 5:30 am and I started walking around town with a camera on my shoulder at that time, I’m getting the attention of local law enforcement for certain, so I hit the local supermarket first, grabbed my foods, and when I came out of the store at 6:55, there is was, light rising in the east.

I zipped down to the lake and grabbed some quick shots.

Another question: Did cavemen eat cannolis?

I don’t think so but I bought one this morning in the market. A moment of Paleo weakness.

Have a great day, People!

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