Master Po

A leaf barely afloat, once it slips under, its gone for good. Staring at this simple sight this morning, I tried to empty my mind and think of nothing else but the water and this leaf, a moment caught in time, simple, meaningless, and calming, but all I could think about was the ‘surface tension’ keeping the leaf afloat, because the water molecules are held tightly together by the hydrogen bonding?

Then I thought about the show ‘Kung Fu’ with David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine (aka Grasshopper), the Shaolin Priest running for his life while hiding amongst Americans in the Wild West, and his lesson teaching mentor, Master Po.

Why, would I think of something like that while staring at this leaf? Because there was always a lesson learned in that show, taken from the Laozi, and maybe subliminally my mind was trying to remind me that it’s ok not to be analytical in everything and that sometimes, a leaf floating on the surface of a lake is just a leaf floating on the surface of a lake and nothing more…

Now, snatch the pebbles from my hand, Grasshopper! When you can do this, you are ready to leave…

It was still there floating an hour afterwards when I left. So I took this shot!

Have a great day, People!

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