Specks In The Sky



At first is was these two black vultures circling each other. (above)

Then suddenly, a red tail hawk came out of nowhere and buzzed the vultures. (below)

To the naked eye these raptors were barely noticeable dots very high in the sky. The LUMIX FZ 80 is making me a happy camper with its zoom capabilities. Yes, there is a sacrifice in image quality here, but I’m not really concerned with that as I am of seeing what was actually transpiring way up there.


Frontier Airlines, approximately 5 miles away by ground, then 13,000 feet up.


Lufthansa flight from Munich to Charlotte, 21 miles away by ground, then 38,000 feet straight up, 406 kts.

Yes, I’m loving this camera!

I used to work for the airlines. That gets deep into your blood and never leaves you.

Have a great day, People!

Flight data from Flightradar24 app.

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