Not So Paleo

Cut back on the carbs a few weeks ago. Bought a book on paleo. I’m somewhere in between. Haven’t given up the eggs for breakfast but ditched the cereals and breads, increased the vegetables and fruits, increased the lean meats, seeds, nuts, but other than the eggs I ditched all other dairy. Were there eggs in caveman times? I’m not certain about chickens, but maybe Pterodactyl eggs? Don’t know. Anyways, this is how it turned out: organic eggs, turkey sausage, green/yellow/red peppers, olive oil, and when finished, drizzled with a little bit of organic honey…I know it sounds weird but it works for me.

Not so paleo…but I’m trying!

Oh yeah, the cool part…down 5 lbs. check with me in a month to see if I’m back to cheesesteaks and honey nut Cheerios!

Have a great day!



      1. Yeah – and the good news – at least for us – has been that we love food too and find. Ore satisfaction with what we do it – seriously – I have never been so satisfied slash content by being fat adapted and by being off carbs and sugar – I know the paleo rose is different for everyone and for me I had to heal from a gut infection and so I used herbs and vitamins and fasting to give me this huge start – like in 2014 I ate six eggs for breakfast every day – had to take this Ground liver to restore my blood and then I did various detox things – like a couple rounds of EDTA- and lots of lemon water – etc
        So hang in there and remember that this is a paradigm shift and going slow and wrapping yourself ur head around keto stuff is good – I’m getting ready to read mark sisson’s book and oh yeah – my husband some days of feeling flu like – coz it is a whole system shift!
        Be sure to supplement with enzymes as much as u can

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