The Hawk and the Crow


The photo above is a routine that plays out almost daily in front of my home. The hawk circles, searching for a meal, and the crow gets greatly irritated by the hawks presence and does everything in it’s power to make his life difficult.

I often wondered why the hawk doesn’t simply turn the tables on the crow and have some crow for lunch? I mean, surely his talons and beak are enough to rip the crow to shreds, right?

I asked this question to many people and the answer I liked the best (Note: it may not be the correct answer but I like it anyways) was that the hawk picks and chooses his battles wisely. He could fight the crow and win, but at the risk of injuring himself, and if he does become hurt, even a simply injury, it could result in his inability to hunt and therefore could be catastrophic. So therefore, he simply endures the antics of the annoyed crow and continues on his way.

Ignoring ones adversaries can sometimes be a wise choice.

Have a great day.


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