Way Up…

DSC_0681 (3)

Moved into a new place, high up in a condo overlooking a wildlife area. Find myself out on the balcony most of the time, on a lounge chair, laying back, looking up…

I realized very few people do this. Very few people probably have or make the time to do this…

As for me, it fascinates me as to what is transpiring out of our sight. Birds flying, aircraft with hundreds of people passing by, balloon’s drifting, carrying someone’s wishes or dreams along with them…

And then there are the raptors…sailing on the air currents, spiraling, drifting, apparently wandering aimlessly but they are not. There is a purpose in what they do, mostly searching for sustenance I’d guess, but If I were a raptor, well, I’d soar just for the hell of it, because I could, and for what I imagine is one hell of an awesome view…

Enjoy your day.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my Nature Blog and following. Since I spend half my day looking out over my own balcony, I’m not in the least surprised you do the same 🙂 There’s always something to see when you live next to a nature reserve too.

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      1. I have Canon EOS DSLRs, 50mm f1.4, Sigma 17-50mm, Sigma 150-500mm (heavy but good)
        Lightweight Sony a6000 ‘mirrorless’ 55-210mm (since my 18-200mm lenses for both camera types died).

        I’ve sold my 100mm Macro & traded other lenses.

        There are tiny cameras that can focus for miles but I imagine you’d need a tripod or steady hand AND you’d lose definition or sharp focus?

        Sometimes a heavy long telephoto lens can ‘help’ steady your hand actually.

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